Holiday Detox

Thanksgiving marks the start of the Holiday season of overindulging. It seems everywhere you look someone's baking Christmas cookies, Grandma's making her famous apple pie, or your aunt has a new  holiday drink you must try. All of this is delicious, but can be overwhelming. Especially with your annual Janunary trip to Tahiti just around the corner. 

Rather than stress about magically losing the 5 pounds you gained over the holiday, here's a reminder to detox, eat mindfully, and stay active despite chilly temperatures. 

One of our favorite, and simplest ways to detox is to make an infusion. Simply fill a large water bottle, and add a few slices of lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves. Leave overnight to enhance the flavors. Drink the next morning before your coffee to get your metabolism going, or sip on throughout the day for an all day "mini detox."  

Photo: Dakota Love, adventure model

Photo: Dakota Love, adventure model

We're also devout green tea drinkers. There are numerous benefits to green tea. It's filled with antioxidants and speeds up your metabolism. No need for frivolous tea detoxes, simply drink a cup or two of green tea daily and you'll start feeling less stressed and more energized this holiday season.