A Jackie Fiero View


A lovely view by Hawai'i photographer @jackie_fiero . It's still winter where things are a bit colder and the north shores are are getting barraged with demanding swells. But, like all things interesting these moments will be a whisper in the wind. But not to fear, summers percolating; waiting for us to fill the days with salty hair, tan skin & warm nights. Summer in Hawaii is an amazing time. But since growing up in the Islands, the different beaches of the world seems quite tantalizing to explore. Perhaps the Hamptons will get explored or even the Virgin Islands. But wherever you go, don't forget to protect your skin, with Sapphire& sunscreen after or before your tan with sapphire& tanning oil (silk).  Maybe you're only going for a week, you will want to get as dark as you can. Tan goals . But don't go back home to your friends and family looking like a lobster when you intended to get brown. Seriously though, summers at the airport look painful with all those whom forgot to reapply or apply sunscreen in the first place. Do yourself a favor; save your skin, save the pain, save the embarrassment. Wear sunscreen.  Hydrating non toxic sunscreen that doesn't smell like, well sunscreen, that would be SAPPHIRE& sunscreen.