5 reasons to be in the sea


It's vast, it's fun, it's full of marine life. It's also amazing for our minds and bodies. Here are 5 simples reasons the sea is a crucial health component.  

1) Salt=clear skin

Salt is an amazing natural mild disinfectant. Salt actually "explodes" bacteria cells, thus clearing your skin.  

2) Best place to meditate

Being so vast, the ocean, whether by yourself or with friends, floating, swimming, or surfing is an amazing place to collect your thoughts and reflect on all the wonderful things about life. 

3) Everyone looks better tan

Does not matter who you are, you look better tan. Everything from creating shadows where your emerging muscles are increasing the visibility to toning the color of your blemishes to create a smooth look to your skin.

4) Surfers.  

Enough said. 

5) Vitamine D = Happiness

Being in Direct sunlight starts vitamin D production. A Hormone responsible for many things including; aid in calcium absorption and well, let's just put it straight... Happiness.  

Get out to the beach, bask in the sun with some friends, swim, jump, surf. Be Happy. 


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