About Our Ingredients: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has an abundance of benefits for the skin due it's high concentrations of medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are responsible for Coconut Oil's moisturizing properties which leave your skin soft and silky. These special saturated fats prevent moisture loss through your skin's pores & retaining the moisture content of your skin. Research shows that use of Coconut Oil improves hydration and skin surface lipids (fats) remain tight and in tact. Coconut Oil has a high Vitamin E content, which contributes to it's anti-aging properties. Vitamin E is well known to keep your skin glowing by repairing daily wear & tear and helps promote healthy skin growth. The high antioxidant concentration in Coconut Oil helps reduce inflammation & fights off free-radicals caused by UV radiation.  Coconut Oil  contains Lauric Acid which have strong antimicrobial properties; when applied on the skin Coconut Oil protects against acne & microbial infections. 

When it comes to being in the sun, Coconut Oil helps prevent burning, because it contains a small amount of SPF, promoting a light tan . It also protects the skin and underlying tissues from skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure.